Square Enix and Live Wire have new details available for HARVESTELLA, a life simulation action RPG available November 4, 2022 for the Switch.

In this game, our protagonist awakens in Lethe Village. To the north of Lethe Village falls an object similar to a meteorite, where one of the Omens (the source of calamity) rests inside. Our protagonist cares for the Omen while building a life in a vacant home.

The game cycle is similar to other life simulation games in that you are given a myriad of ways to spend time in a limited day, including farming, combat, and adventuring. However, these activities will deplete the amount of energy you have for the day.

Our protagonist can keep livestock, have a pet, and use a pet called a Totokaku to quickly travel the map and find items in the world. When you are not levelling your Totokaku, you can stay busy at your home by harvesting eggs and milk for cooking, raising your bond with your livestock to get rewards, building animal pens, making animal feed, and more.

The main town of the game, Lethe Village, experiences a day and night cycle and is home to various shops to aid in your life in HARVESTELLA, including a General Store, a Blacksmith, and a Renovator. You can also receive letters and presents from other people in the game via your mailbox. Another location in the game is Higan Canyon, seen above, that is noticeable for its striking crimson forests.

There are also jobs that our protagonist can employ, through character recruitment, to gain certain attributes that aid in combat. Combat also includes, for stronger enemies, elemental weaknesses, break gauges, and special attacks.

This is only bits of the information covered on HARVESTELLA. To read more details on the coverage, you can visit Gematsu. You can also preorder HARVESTELLA via the eShop.

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