Whenever players get their hands on a new game, or even a demo of a new game, you can be sure that dataminers will dig deeper into the files to find all sorts of things. Splatoon 3 has proven to be no different, with the game’s “Splatfest World Premier” demo debuting ahead of the Splatfest’s official launch on August 27th, 2022.

Although players can’t get into the action just yet, they still have an opportunity to view the game’s hub. It turns out, this hub may have revealed something many Splatoon fans have been asking about for years: a map of Splatoon’s world.

Dataminers have allegedly dug up a texture used in the game’s shop, Armor Knights. These images were posted on Twitter and report to show a full-resolution image of the Splatoon world’s map. The images are sure to get fans thinking.

The Tweet in question can be seen below, and has images that may contain spoilers. This is allegedly datamined content that hasn’t been revealed in an official capacity yet.

Thanks to The8BitLego for the heads up!

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