Japanese game developer Laplacian has announced that their visual novel Cyanotype Daydream: The Girl Who Dreamed the World will be headed to Nintendo Switch exclusively in Japan, with a planned release date of November 17th, 2022. The developers have confirmed that the title will only include a Japanese-language version.

The game promises to deliver “…a story of longing, of hope, of despair; and above all, a story of love.” It features three stories that weave together into one final tale, all shown through a sci-fi-inspired aesthetic.

A Tweet announcing the game’s Switch debut, along with a brief description, can be seen below.

Kaito wakes to find himself in a strange room, with no memories, and a taciturn girl named Yonagi by his side. Upon learning of his role, he immerses himself into three wondrous dream worlds with her. When all three stories meet a bitter end, Kaito recovers his memories, and the true story unfolds.

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1+ y ago

So let me get this straight: English subtitles exist on Steam but they choose to release the game with japanese subtitles only? Talk about a wasted opportunity.