Gameloft has announced that they’ll be publishing the music trivia game SongPop Party on Switch this September. Previously available on Apple Arcade, this will mark the game’s debut on home consoles. This is a party game that challenges you to test your music trivia knowledge against friends at home or online, featuring a large variety of popular songs.

SongPop Party will be officially released on Nintendo Switch on September 22, 2022 for $19.99. Check out the official site for more info, or search for it on the Nintendo eShop. You can also find the game’s official description below.

SongPop Party is the latest addition to the biggest music trivia franchise in the world. With a huge catalog of cult classics to today’s top hits, you can unlock hundreds of thousands of songs curated by genre, artist, decade, topic, and more.

Play with up to 8 friends and family on your couch or online for the ultimate music trivia party! Test your knowledge against opponents online with music fans from around the globe. Based on skill level and music preferences, discover new playlists and train to be the best.

SongPop Party has music for all generations, whether it’s a blast from the past or today’s greatest hits! From the oldies to yesterday, everyone can play! Find your favorite avatar to suit your music personality whether you’re a pop aficionado, EDM fan, or metalhead.

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Jeez, $20? I'm hoping that means it won't be full of microtransactions like the mobile version.
I've been playing this series on mobile for a decade, but unfortunately I don't see it taking off on the Switch, so that'll limit the whole online play aspect.

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