Dawn of the Monsters Blasts onto Switch March 15th

Beat 'Em Up, Co-op Destruction for Kaiju Fans

04 March 2022
by onettqueen 0

Dawn of the Monsters, developed by 13AM Games and published by WayForward, has been given a release date of March 15th via WayForward’s Twitter.

Dawn of the Monsters’s story centers around the invasion of Nephilim onto Earth. To combat this threat, 1-2 players can fight as 4 playable characters: “Megadon, the living volcano; Ganira, the colossal crustacean; Aegis Prime, a superhuman warrior; and Tempest Galahad, a massive mech.” This beat ‘em up features over 35 missions that take place in four real-life metro areas, including Toronto and Tokyo. While the game features RPG elements, such as customizing your kaiju’s stats with varied augments and a character-rich story, the title also boasts fighting and action staples such as a deep combat system, fully destructible environments, and weapons obtainable from the city or your enemies. Artists who contributed to the game include Godzilla all-stars Shiji Nishikawa and Matt Frank.

You can pre-order the physical edition of Dawn of the Monsters for Switch at Limited Run Games until April 3rd, or you can purchase the title digitally for the Switch beginning March 15th.

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