Mysterious Wii Shop Channel error message appears on Gen 1 iPad when accessing Netflix

This seems like one for Professor Layton to solve

01 September 2022
by quence 1

Twitter user @fcbunn has discovered an unusual error message when trying to access Netflix from his first generation iPad. As you can see in the Tweet below, trying to load up a Netflix video resulted in the following response: “This disc is no longer supported. To watch instantly, simply download Netflix from the Wii Shop Channel.”

Clearly, this was a mistake, and it’s been taken care of after being reported. The error has now been replaced with the much more logical message “This device is no longer supported. To watch instantly, please see for a list of supported devices”.

Why this error message popped up in the first place is still a mystery. As far as we know, there should be no relation between Netflix on the now defunct Wii Shop Channel and any iPads. In all likelihood, this was just a slip-up from a bygone era in which these devices were both relevant ways to view Netflix content. Or, maybe there’s a more fun conspiracy afoot? Theorize away!

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1+ y ago

Maybe something to do with the user agent string. Wii used a version of a WebKit browser (I think) which is what iOS (Safari) definitely uses.