Bandai Namco Entertainment announced a new set of DLC packs heading Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2. The newly announced Pack Set is called the “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Pack Set”. As the name implies, the characters in the DLC packs will come from the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero series.

The first of these packs is set to release sometime this fall, and we’ve already gotten a look at a character coming with this first pack: Gamma 2.

The publisher released a trailer showcases Gamma 2 as a new fighter, including both in-game and cinematic footage. Gamma 2 is an android, originally created by Dr. Hedo to look and act as a super hero as part of the Red Ribbon Army.

The trailer can be seen above, and it features plenty of new footage for fans to check out. The end of the trailer also reveals that the first DLC pack in this series will contain 3 characters. Keep an eye out for further character announcements!

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The year is 2095. The world is in ash.

DragonBall Xenoverse 2 gets a new DLC character