RUMOR: It Takes Two could be heading to Switch

Tiny co-op adventures on the go?

03 September 2022
by quence 2

It Takes Two is a co-op focused action-adventure game from 2021, and it saw great success both critically and commercially when it was released on other platforms last year. Now it seems like Nintendo fans may have a chance to get in on the fun, as there’s been talk of an upcoming Switch release.

The talk in question comes from Jeff Grubb of Giant Bomb, via the latest episode of the Nintendo Shack podcast. While Grubb doesn’t go into too much detail, he does indicate that It Takes Two will be coming to the Switch, and will likely be featured in an upcoming Nintendo Direct. This is according to his own sources, as well as those of a leaker known as “The Snitch”.

As you may recall, this isn’t the first time Jeff Grubb has talked about the rumored September Direct, previously sharing that we were in for big news about Zelda and Metroid Prime ports. If his word is anything to go by, it sounds like It Takes Two will be joining the roster as well!

For now, we’ll need to wait for an official announcement and cross our fingers for more Direct news. Click here if you’re curious to learn more about It Takes Two.

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1+ y ago

Interesting if true, as I believe "the hardware can't handle it" was the reason given why there wasn't a Switch version in the first place.


1+ y ago

I'd be impressed if they could pull it off. Not many Unreal Engine 4 games run well on Switch, so I'm curious how one that requires split-screen at all times would end up.