The newest episode of the NXpress Nintendo Podcast features a lengthy interview with WayForward’s Tomm Hulett. Hulett is the director of the run-and-gun sidescroller Spidersaurs which recently released on Switch. The game leans heavily into its influences of Saturday morning cartoons from the 80s and 90s, and that means it had to include an awesome theme song. Hulett discussed the origins of that theme song and how he helped make it what it is:

We decided on the Saturday morning thing, and me and Matt Bozon both kind of intuited, you can’t have Saturday morning without a rad theme song. … And so, he kind of ran with it. That was kind of his baby, making sure that was perfect. But discussing it early on, what we both agreed on, is it had to be from a very specific era when you would have a narrator guy telling you the plot of the show. It has to have that. It could be at the beginning, it could be in the middle, but it had to have that specific sound. And we actually got a voice actor I’ve worked with many times before who could do the perfect narrator voice, which was my contribution, was getting that narration sounding right.

Spidersaurs also features a fun story in the vein of those same cartoons. Aside from the game’s music, and animation, Hulett talked about how he approached the writing and how he was able to draw on his past experience for it.

Before WayForward and Konami I worked at Atlus doing localization, and so I care a great deal about story and getting the right vibe. But at WayForward, I’ve always been working on licensed games. So my writing has to be tuned to sound like Adventure Time, or sound like R.L. Stine writing a Goosebumps book, or things like that. And so this was finally exciting to work on original WayForward IP, for one, and kind of getting to decide the feel of it. But writing it really took me back to my Atlus days. And Atlus has kind of a cool vibe, it’s fun.

These are just a couple of snippets from an interview which features lots more discussion on the development of Spidersaurs. If you’re interested in learning more, click here to listen to the podcast episode in full. You can also find GoNintendo’s own interview with Tomm Hulett and review of Spidersaurs if you just can’t get enough Spidersaurs content!

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