Sonic Frontiers producer on the role of Knuckles, Sage, and more

What's Knuckles up to this time?

06 September 2022
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In a new interview conducted by IGN, Sonic Frontiers producer Takashi Iizuka reveals some new information about the upcoming title. This includes what role fan favorite character Knuckles will play in the game and how Sonic first meets him. While Iizuka doesn’t give too much away as that mystery is a big part of the game experience, we did glean a few interesting tidbits:

  • Ares is the second island Sonic will visit in the game. It’s a desert island, featuring lots of canyons and “desert-like features”.
  • Sonic finds Knuckles imprisoned on Ares Island. Knuckles was not a part of their original group, so why he’s there is a mystery that Sonic needs to solve, in addition to freeing him.
  • There will be a prologue animation revealing what Knuckles did before reaching the island, but they don’t want to reveal too much before the game is released.
  • Sage is a new character you meet on Chronos Island. She’s trying to drive Sonic off the island and appears to be controlling enemies for mysterious reasons. Again, Sonic will need to figure out what her motivation is.
  • Creatures found in the game called Kocos are new, and not related to Chaos, although they look somewhat similar. Players can collect them as items, but they’ll be important to the story somehow as well.

Sonic Frontiers lands on Switch November 8, 2022. For more info on the game, including how they incorporated Sonic’s speed into the gameplay and the developers’ reactions to fan feedback, watch the full interview above.


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