Billy Mitchell is the one-time (if not current) record holder for high score in the original arcade version of Donkey Kong, among several other arcade achievements. His credibility came in to question a few years ago when he was accused of cheating. Since then, the record keeping organization Twin Galaxies removed his achievements from their official records (although the Guinness Book has reinstated them).

Now, Billy Mitchell is suing Twin Galaxies in return for the damages he alleges they have caused him because of this ongoing debate. The damages indicated range from harassment on social media to heart problems, and even being shunned by medical practitioners. Apparently Mitchell’s own doctor refused to see him for an appointment after learning of the cheating allegations. See a brief snippet from this publicly available testimony below:


Whether or not this will all make a difference in court is anyone’s guess, and as we are not lawyers, we certainly won’t speculate. Until more case details emerge, you can look at the full testimonial documents in more detail here, where they’ve been collected by the now anti-Billy Mitchell web site PerfectPacMan (a domain which Mitchell previously owned). Or, you can check out the wonderful 2007 documentary The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters for a better look at Billy Mitchell’s personality and rise to fame.


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1+ y ago

I don't hate the man but I've never been a fan due to his actions at the end of King of Kong. Also that is a real crummy doctor if he truly did reject Mitchell due to him cheating at a video game.


1+ y ago

I really want to like Mitchell because he's such a character... but the evidence of his cheating seems pretty conclusive to me. If he has somehow been able to show that he wasn't using a MAME emulator, I have yet to hear.

But for crying out loud doctors, please treat Billy Mitchell. Even video game cheaters need health care. (Though I question the claim... have that many doctors even heard of him?)