Gravity Game Arise has announced their first-party title KAMiBAKO - Mythology of Cube, with Nintendo Switch listed as a launch platform. Although the game’s release window is yet to be announced, a handful of details on the title have been shared to tide players over.

KAMiBAKO - Mythology of Cube promises to deliver puzzles, material collection, and monster fighting all wrapped up in a “World Craft RPG” package.

A trailer for the upcoming game can be found below, alongside a short synopsis of the game!

Repair lands with puzzles and defeat monsters in battles. Collect materials from the restored land and craft the world! A new RPG that combines game elements that anyone can play. A lot of ways to play! A world of overwhelming size and magnificence awaits you. Let’s restore the world and regain peace.


In mythological times, the gods created this world after a long battle. The world was divided into three, with gods in heaven, humans on earth, and monsters in the abyss protecting their territories and services.

Among them, people prospered on the ground, believed in goddesses, created nations, and lived in peace beyond cultures and races. However, on the ground, a “great division” occured, and the countries divided. People in distress prayed to the gods and waited for relief.

A goddess in the heavenly world chose a “restorer” from the earth to fulfill the wishes of the people and ordered them to settle this situation.”You” who received the power of the goddess embarks on a journey to restore the world.

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