Over the weekend, we found out that the Wii Shop Channel appeared to be dead. While users haven’t been able to purchase games on the Wii Shop Channel for some time, people were still able to access the shop and re-download games they purchased in the past. Sometime last week, the Wii Shop Channel started giving our error codes, or simply never loading.

It was the same case with the DSi Shop. When users would try to access the shop in order to re-download content, they were hit with error codes or a blank screen. Many were wondering what was going on, and now we finally have an answer from Nintendo.

According to a statement given to Kotaku, Nintendo says that the Wii Shop Channel and Nintendo DSi Shop are “currently undergoing maintenance.” Nintendo also said they will “provide an update at a later date.”

There’s something about Nintendo’s comments that sound slightly ominous, but let’s hope all is well and both shops return in the near future.


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2y ago

Wii Shop Channel Switch port confirmed?!

At the very least port the music to the eShop, I need a nice jam for making impulse buys.


2y ago


Yes! Port over the song and all is forgiven!