We’ve learned some new details on the upcoming Dead Cells Boss Rush Mode, which is set to launch around a month from now. Shacknews caught up with the game’s marketing manager at PAX West 2022, and you can watch him talk about exactly what the update will entail in the video above.

Here’s a summary of what the update will include:

  • Four different routes, each route featuring multiple returning bosses from the game that you have to fight back to back
  • All new boss moves and attacks in order to make bosses more challenging to fight (For example, the Concierge fight will now feature two Concierges that you fight at the same time.)
  • A new weapon, a new mutation, and new outfits
  • New Legendary Affixes to make more powerful gear
  • An in-game statue that players will be able to customize with different features as they defeat the bosses

We don’t have an exact release date for this new mode just yet, but we should be seeing it in about a month if everything goes well. For more details and insight into Dead Cells development, watch the complete interview above.

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