A demo of the upcoming Sonic Frontiers was made available for the first time recently at the 2022 Tokyo Game Show. This was the first chance for many attendees at the show to get their hands on the game, and apparently the demand was so great that it overtook the booth’s available space.

As noted by attendee Douglas Schules on Twitter, the Sonic Frontiers booth became so packed with people that Sega was forced to close it down, restricting anyone else from entering. The line was roped off, and a big red sticker declaring “Entrance is restricted” was placed on the game’s sign.

Clearly, people in Japan are hungry for new Sonic content! Hopefully, this news is a sign that the game will be a success. At the very least, it indicates that love for the Sonic franchise is still alive and well. If you’re not at the Tokyo Game Show, you’ll still have to wait a couple months to try out the newest entry for yourself. Sonic Frontiers releases on Switch November 8, 2022.

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