Next month, Atlus is hosting a special live concert event featuring orchestral performances of music from the Persona series. The event, known as the Persona Super Live P-Sound Wish 2022, will be held in Japan on October 8th and October 9th.

The purpose of this concert is naturally to celebrate the music of Persona. Just in case anyone thought we might be getting some exciting game news as well, Atlus thought it best to post a clarification on their blog, which said the following:

There are no plans to announce new game titles at this live.

We are working hard every day to prepare for the best live performance that will satisfy everyone who visits and watches. Please look forward to it.

So now you know! While previous concert events have featured new announcements, it sounds like Atlus isn’t ready to talk about anything new at this time. Best not to get your hopes up! Fortunately, it sounds like the event will have some other fun goodies in store, such as a life-size statue of Arsene and a meet-and-greet with Kuma and Morgana (presumably in costume mascot form).

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