Rare’s lauded first-person shooter Perfect Dark apparently had a cut feature called “Perfect Head Mode”, footage of which has just emerged online for the first time. This mode would have allowed players to scan their own faces by using the Game Boy Camera, in order to upload a low res version of their likeness onto guards featured in the game.

Perfect Head Mode was cut out of the final release due to technological issues, but it certainly would have been interesting to see. Now, new footage has surfaced that gives us the best look we’ve ever had into what this would’ve been like. The clip gives you a pretty good look at exactly how the capturing and uploading process worked, what options were available, and how the scanned face would look in-game. Check it out in the Tweet below from @Musical1250.

Who knows, maybe face scanning tech will make a comeback at some point! If you’re still hungry for more old school E3 goodness, you can also watch this hour long compilation of E3 footage from 1999, from which this clip was taken.

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