Awhile back, Nintendo revealed that Splatoon 3 would usher in a new series of amiibo. Fans were treated to the unveiling of Octoling Boy, Inkling Girl, and Small Fry amiibo, but Nintendo neglected to say when they’d launch. All we got was a vague ‘Holiday’ mention, but it seems we might be getting something more solid soon.

According to Nintendo’s product safety pages, we can see that Nintendo has completed production on this upcoming trio of amiibo. Nintendo received certification on these amiibo at the tail-end of August, so production wrapped just a couple of weeks back.

While Nintendo hasn’t shared a release date, it’s typically a 2-month wait between production ending and stores receiving stock. In other words, look forward to seeing this trio in-stores sometime in late October to early November 2022.

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1+ y ago

Nice, I definitely want to get these ones. Now if they announced Deep Cut and Splatoon 2/3 Squid Sisters and the alternate outfits for Off the Hook.


1+ y ago

I'd guess they show up in December, if I'm being honest. I very much doubt they'd release when Bayonetta 3 or Pokemon come out.


1+ y ago

"Don't worry, fans! We've only made 50% of the amount demanded and we're preparing to mail them to scalpers worldwide. We know you like buying our products to be a challenge."