Samantha Robertson has been a fixture at Nintendo for many years. She has emerged as one of the public faces at the company, taking over hosting duties for many Nintendo Treehouse presentations and live streams.

Samantha posted on Twitter today that she has decided to move on from Nintendo, looking to embrace a new outlook on life and living it to the fullest with new challenges and opportunities ahead.

Read her twitter thread below:

We at GoNintendo wish her the best and thank her for many years of fun presentations and great memories!

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Hello! My name is Flapjack - Eric being my real name, and I am such a Nintendo fan that I could have easily been born holding an NES controller. I even worked at Nintendo, and I am not even your uncle! I love Animal Crossing and Wii Sports, and am a big fan of anything retro.

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2y ago

She should auction off the Nintendo Direct signature leather jacket for charity.


2y ago


If Nintendo hires a replacement, they better wear a leather jacket as well, damnit!


2y ago

Guess getting promoted to management wasn't all that.


2y ago

First Reggie, then Kit & Krysta, now Samantha. I wonder who's next Aubrey Plaza? Nate Bildorhf? Bill Trinen? Doug Bowser?

Think you mean Audrey Drake lolol

I don't think Bill Trinen is ever leaving. I'm almost certain he's going to be Bowser's successor whenever he retires.


2y ago


Bill? Bill?! BILL!!!