The roguelike deck-building game Castle Morihisa has received a new update on Nintendo Switch. This update sees the release of free DLC class, Miko. Miko comes along with a set of new cards and abilities for players to explore and incorporate into their own decks, available right now to anyone who owns the game. You can find the original game on the Switch eShop, where it is currently available for the discounted price of $8.99.

The symbol of holiness blessed by the moon—the devout girl finally decides to pick up her bow and arrows and venture into Morihisa Castle alone. Will the holy maiden unveil the secrets of Morihisa Castle?

The new DLC contains 67 unique class cards and 28 powerful class talents. With the help of the moon, Miko can unleash her true power in both the full moon and dark moon phases, bringing new battle styles and strategies to the game!

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