Fire Emblem Engage rated in South Korea

Prepare for mild violence

24 September 2022
by quence 0

Fire Emblem Engage was announced earlier this month, and now the game has been given a rating from the ratings board in South Korea. Described by them as “a role-playing game for Nintendo Switch about finding rings scattered all over the Eleos Continent”, Fire Emblem Engage has received a “12” rating, the equivalent of a T rating from the ESRB. The rating is solely for “Mild Violence”, which is described as “expressing attacks on people with various weapons”. Sounds about right!

This rating is consistent with all the other Fire Emblem games previously released in North America. A rating from South Korea is usually an indicator that a game is completed and getting nearer to a release date. We already know that Fire Emblem Engage will be available in North America on January 20, 2022. Stay tuned for more!

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