The Pokémon series has seen a lot of different versions released over the years, but not all of Gamefreak’s plans for the series came to fruition. Two long rumored titles were never released: Pokémon Gray on the DS, and Pokémon Z on the 3DS. Whether or not these games even existed or what they would’ve contained has been a mystery for a long time.

Now, Did You Know Gaming has released a new video digging into the mystery of these two titles in depth. They’ve dug up and translated Japanese gaming magazines with interviews and articles to try to get to the bottom of things. This thirty minute video is apparently the result of hundreds of hours of research. It should be a must watch for Pokémon fans!

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1+ y ago

I feel like Nintendo / GameFreak abandoned the 3rd game release in favour of the kind of the Gen.5 versions with Black and White 2 and Ultra Sun and Moon. Probably sold more of those titles than a 3rd version would.