Minecraft Legends, the upcoming Minecraft spinoff, takes the original game’s aesthetics and mixes them with real-time strategy mechanics. Producer Dennis Ries and creative director Magnus Nedfors were at this year’s Gamescom expo in Germany, and VentureBeat got to conduct an interview with them.

They’ve uncovered some interesting tidbits about the game, including its purported length. While that time might be hard to pin down exactly, the devs gave their best estimate of how long it would take the average player to finish.

GamesBeat: How long of an experience are you trying to build?

Ries: That’s still in development. It’s an open world sort of game, so you can go out and explore for a very long time, or you can rapid-run it and go for a very quick experience. It’s tough to say.

Nedfors: If you run through it in the way we did in this demo–maybe a good QA person could do it in 10 hours. A normal player might be closer to 18 or 20. A player who wants to explore everything, look behind every tree and so on, they could spend many hours in the world.

Twenty hours should be a fairly meaty experience for most players, and it sounds like there will be even more to see for anyone looking for 100% completion. We also know that the worlds in Minecraft Legends are procedurally generated just like in the original game, so that could be cause for further replay value.

The developers also spoke about the wider audience they hope to reach and the game’s influences, among other things. Check out the full interview here to learn more. Minecraft Legends will release on Nintendo Switch sometime in the first half of 2023.

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