Following a recent test server patch for Pokémon Unite, it looks like the next few playable Pokémon to be added have been leaked. Twitter user ElChicoEevee, who’s correctly leaked future plans for Unite in the past, has posted a look at some Pokémon to be added in future updates. You can see their post below.

Little is known about when Clefable, Zoroark and Sableye will be joining the game, but it shouldn’t be too long of a wait.

Thanks to bakfug for the heads up!

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1+ y ago

Been looking for a good reason to start playing again, Zoroark is a great reason.


1+ y ago

To anyone interested, I recommend checking out this person's Twitter. They have a lot of information about all of these, including some videos, and their information has always been 100% legitimate.

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