Former head of Sony Online Entertainment says Sony blocks cross-play due to money reasons

There are a handful of games on Switch that you can enjoy online with players of other platforms. Hop on there and play alongside players on Xbox One, PC, and mobile. That's not the case when it comes to the PS4. Sony has blocked cross-platform play with Switch and Xbox One owners. Sony released a non-response about their stance on cross-platform play, leaving many wondering why the company is being so stubborn. Former head of Sony Online Entertainment, John Smedley, has shared some insight on the situation.

When I was at Sony, the stated reason internally for this was money. They didn't like someone buying something on an Xbox and it being used on a Playstation. simple as that. dumb reason, but there it is.

Not exactly the reason many people were thinking, but there it is. Obviously Sony may outright deny this or not even bother to comment, but I think we can trust the word of a former Sony employee on the matter!

Masahiro Sakurai being harassed on Twitter about Waluigi not being playable in Smash Bros. Ultimate

Masahiro Sakurai is one of the hardest-working developers in the industry, and he's done some insanely amazing things with the Smash Bros. series. Not only has he pulled together tons of Nintendo characters, he's also worked out deals for major third party stars to appear in the games as well. Unfortunately that doesn't seem to be enough for some fans, as a select group has started harassing the man directly through Twitter over the lack of a playable Waluigi in Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Some people have been putting together extremely distasteful and rude tweets to send off to Sakurai, which has lead to them blocking his account. It's a shame to see these people harassing Sakurai like this. Let's hope by spreading this news, people will start to calm down and understand that there's a real person on the other end of that Twitter account.

Nintendo says Nintendo Labo will "sell for a long time," is off to a "strong start," and are aiming to reach an expanded audience

Nintendo Labo launched back in April and managed to make the top 10 NPD for that month, but things have been a bit quiet since then. How are things going for the series? What does Nintendo have to say about the two kits as time moves on? According to Reggie Fils-Aime, the Big N is expecting these kits to continue selling for quite some time.

“Labo is the type of game, much like Brain Age for the Nintendo DS, much like Wii Fit, it’s a game that’s going to sell for a very long time at a very steady pace. Which is a different curve than a traditional video game. And so from that standpoint, our focus is on how we can continue to support it, how we continue to help consumers understand the proposition. There’s a lot of activity happening with Labo around the summer, especially as kids are out of school, we think it’s a prime opportunity. Labo is off to a strong start and in our view is going to continue to get a lot of support.”

Shinya Takahashi, general manager of Nintendo EPD, had some words to share about the audience Nintendo wants Nintendo Labo to hit, and how they plan on reaching those consumers.

“We want to get to a demographic that’s not traditionally reached by games at all. I think the case with Nintendo Labo right now is that there are some people who know about it, and quite a lot of potential still for us to explore. The people who are aware of Nintendo Labo right now I think are still in the circle of Nintendo fans and game fans in general. We’re really interested in how we can go beyond that, to people who aren’t really in the loop of game news We have to find ways to create those opportunities [for people to see and touch Labo]. That’s something that happens in a very close, one-by-one process.”

Nintendo is happy Sony/Microsoft don't cater to the younger generation, as it lets Nintendo foster lifelong fans

Sony and Microsoft may have some games on their platforms that are friendly to all ages, but they're output is nothing like Nintendo. The Big N creates franchises that can be enjoyed by all ages, and is usually more than appropriate for even the youngest of kids. According to Nintendo's Reggie Fils-Aime, they're happy that Sony/Microsoft don't pay much attention to the younger crowd.

“We are happy that they don’t. It’s been an incredibly important market because the kid who’s 5 or 6 today is going to be 12 or 13 and not all that many years later 18 or 19 … And when you have an affinity for Pokémon or The Legend of Zelda series or Mario Kart or Super Mario Bros. that affinity carries with you.”

Nintendo says Switch has done well due to its positioning and proposition, which is where Wii U faltered

The Wii U was not a good console for Nintendo. Audiences never seemed to have much interest in it, and it was a solid downward slide from day one. The Switch has been the exact opposite, skyrocketing to success from launch. What made the difference between the two platforms? Nintendo's Reggie Fils-Aime had this to say.

“We have a lot of momentum out there. It’s wonderful. But we also know that in this games business, things change quickly. What we’ve been able to do with Nintendo Switch is a number of very important things. First, we’ve been incredibly clear with the positioning of the product. Why should you purchase this device? Well, it’s because you can play this great content, anywhere, anytime with anyone. Tell me what the Wii U proposition was in 10 words or less. We weren’t as incredibly clear.”

Nintendo says Legend of Zelda and Pokemon games overperform in Canada

Looks like Canadian gamers can't get enough of the Legend of Zelda or Pokemon franchises. According to an interview with Reggie Fils-Aime, Canada has a real affinity for two of Nintendo's biggest brands.

“The Canadian audience is the very tip of the mountaintop when it comes to Zelda games. There are certain franchises that overperform in the Canadian market. Legend of Zelda is one. I can’t tell you why but the Canadian consumer loves it. Every single game in the series has done better with the Canadian audience than the U.S. audience, and the U.S. audience does better than Europe or Japan. Another phenomenon, and this is a recent trend, over the last 10 years is Pokémon. Pokémon games do exceptionally well (in Canada).”

Nintendo has new games to reveal for 3DS "over the next number of months"

Nintendo didn't make a mention of the 3DS at E3 this year, leaving many to wonder if anything new was coming to the platform at all. In an interview with IGN, Reggie Fils-Aime confirmed that more new games are on the way, and they'll be revealed as the year rolls on.

“We're going to continue [focusing on the 3DS], we're going to continue to have some new games on that platform. We're going to announce [them], and we will over the next number of months, but it's going to continue to be a vibrant piece of our overall business, certainly here in the Americas.”

Super Mario Odyssey to get "more treasures and costumes" in the future, says Miyamoto

Not sure why Shigeru Miyamoto recorded a special message for those in Australia/New Zealand, but it's a nice gesture nonetheless. On top of that, Miyamoto also sneaks in a mention that more "treasures and costumes" are coming to Super Mario Odyssey in the future. No specifics were given, but through the datamining, we do have an idea of some goodies still to be released.

Make Way for Friends, Trading, and Gifting in Pokémon GO

We’re excited to share brand-new ways to interact with your friends in Pokémon GO! The Friends feature will start rolling out to Trainers later this week, allowing you to connect with your real-life friends and keep track of their adventures in Pokémon GO. You’ll be able to send them items, earn bonuses—and even trade Pokémon!

In order to add a friend in Pokémon GO, you must first ask them to share their Trainer Code with you. To invite a Trainer to become your friend, simply enter their Trainer Code and then send them a request. If they accept, you’ll become friends, and you’ll see them in your Friends List.

When you spin a Photo Disc at a PokéStop or Gym, you have a chance of receiving a special Gift. Although you can’t open the Gifts you receive from PokéStops, you can send them to a friend on your Friend List. Inside the Gift will be a stash of helpful items, which your friend will receive along with a postcard showing where you picked up your Gift. Gifts can also include a special surprise: an Egg that, when hatched, will contain an Alolan form of a Pokémon originally discovered in the Kanto region!

When you send a Gift to a friend or participate in a raid or Gym battle with them, you can increase your Friendship Level. As your Friendship Level builds, you’ll then unlock bonuses when you play together. For example, when you and a Great Friend participate in a Gym battle or Raid Battle together, you can earn an Attack bonus to give your Pokémon an edge! You can increase your Friendship Level once per day per friend.

You can also build your Friendship Level by trading Pokémon with a friend. If you’re near a friend and have a Trainer Level of 10 or higher, you can trade Pokémon you’ve caught with that friend. Completing a trade earns a bonus Candy for the Pokémon you’ve traded away, and that bonus can increase if the Pokémon you traded were caught in locations far apart from each other! All trades are powered by Stardust, and some trades require more Stardust than others. As you build your Friendship Level with the friend you are trading with, you’ll find that you can complete the trade with much less Stardust.

Certain Pokémon, such as a Legendary Pokémon, a Shiny Pokémon, or a Pokémon not currently in your Pokédex, require a Special Trade to complete, so keep that in mind before trading away that golden Magikarp! Special Trades can only occur once per day with a Great Friend or Best Friend, and it often requires a lot of Stardust to complete a Special Trade. Special Trades are a great way to show a friend how much you care!

So get out there and discover Pokémon GO with friends! Stay safe, and happy exploring!

Nintendo and Disney team up for a Switch-focused TV show

- show is named "Nintendo Switch Family Showdown"
- set to debut this Summer
- show features four families competing against each other by playing a variety of Switch games
- examples are "finding collectibles in 'Super Mario Odyssey,' matches in 'Mario Tennis Aces' & dance-offs in 'Just Dance 2018'
- available on Disney Channel and Disney XD, as well as the DisneyNOW app

Thanks to Sligeach_eire and FangztheWolffor the heads up!