Saints Row: The Third announced for Nintendo Switch

Pokemon GO hits highest player base since its launch

Over the last couple of weeks, we've seen statistic after statistic showing just how well Pokemon GO is doing. Highest-grossing day since the launch rush, highest grossing mobile game for July 2018, and now this. Pokemon GO currently has its largest playerbase since the initial rush when the game first came out. Yes, millions dropped the game after a few weeks due to hopping on/off the bandwagon, but ever since those people left, the playerbase has actually been growing. Niantic's John Hanke talked to the Guardian about the game's continued success.

“I don’t think I could have imagined anything about the last two years. But it’s been great. I guess what’s most satisfying two years in, is seeing this thriving, strong user base of people that are not here for the fad, but because they love the core values of the game. Which is why we did it. It got lost in the first two months of Pokémon GO craziness. I wasn’t sure if people liked us for who we really were, or if they were just there because everybody else was.”

Diablo III: Eternal Collection dumped an idea for Link's tunic in favor of Ganondorf's clothing (UPDATE)

UPDATE - Turns out this outfit will not be in the game. It was considered/in development at some point, but ended up getting removed in favor of Ganondorf.

Looks like Ganondorf isn't the only one lending his duds to Diablo III: Eternal Collection. As you can see in the image above, there will be an outfit inspired by Link's tunic as well. I'm thinking there's going to be a few more Zelda-related goodies in here that haven't been revealed yet!

Switch sales of Velocity 2X are the last hope for a sequel to see release

The upcoming Switch release of Velocity 2X could be the key to getting a sequel, developer FutureLab has revealed.

Velocity 2X has seen universal praise from gamers and critics alike, garnering all kinds of attention along the way. The thing is, there were some big sacrifices made to reach a large audience. Velocity 2X originally launched for free on Playstation Plus for PS4/Vita. The game reached millions of players, and was very well received. There's one thing worth mentioning though.
Getting people to download/try a game for free doesn't impress publishers.

When FutureLab started to shop around plans for a sequel, every publisher they took it too really enjoyed the game, but won't pick it up for publishing. This is because the actual sales numbers for the first game are either bad, or non-existent. Sales on PS4/Vita are a moot point, as the huge bulk of downloads came from the free PS Plus version. Steam sales ended up being abysmal, due to launching alongside Windows 10 and a game-breaking bug. Furthermore, FutureLab says their retail publishing deal for the first game on PS4/Vita with Badland turned out to be a 'disaster.'

Now you can see why publishers aren't eager/willing to pick up the sequel. This leads us to the Switch port, which is launching in the near future. If that version sells well, it could pave the way for another publisher to come on-board and get the sequel out the door. For those wondering, the sequel (Velocity Supernova) has been in the works for years, so finding a publisher really is the final piece of the puzzle.

I guess we'll see what happens with Velocity 2X on Switch. Other devs have had great success with their indie titles on the Switch eShop, and Velocity 2X could certainly see the same results. Now we know that its potential success could make or break plans for the developer.

Grandia I and II HD remasters coming to Switch

Gungho has revealed that both Grandia I and II are going to get HD remasters for the Switch, and they'll see release sometime this Winter. Fans will be able to get an early hands-on with the Grandia II HD Remaster at PAX West 2018.

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NIntendo shares 'Indie Highlights' presentation

Surprise! Nintendo Europe put out a special 'Indie Highlights' presentation that gives a look at all sorts of indie games making their way to Switch. Clear out 20+ minutes from your schedule to give the presentation a look!

Thanks to AutumnalBlake, Sligeach_eire and SwedishGalaxy94for the heads up!

SEGA wanted to make a Metroid game, but Nintendo turned the proposal down

Well here's a crazy tidbit well worth its own post! The other day, we shared snippets from an interview with SEGA's Toshiro Nagoshi. He talked about working on Super Monkey Ball, as well as F-Zero GX. In the blurb about F-Zero GX, we find out that SEGA had interest in working on a Metroid game, but it seems the pitch never went anywhere.

...while we made a few proposals - Metroid for instance, and others - I was most confident in making a driving game because of my experience in the genre, though I'd never make a sci-fi one.

I can't even begin to imagine what a SEGA-developed Metroid would have been like. All I know is I still want to see it happen!

"Classic 2 Magic" device lets you play SNES carts on your SNES Classic Edition

What kind of black magic voodoo is going on here?! You're looking at the C2M, which stands for Classic 2 Magic. The device lets you play your actual SNES carts on the SNES Classic Edition. All it takes is a one-time, 2 minute installation and you're good to go. This device also works with the NES Classic Edition! You can grab one for yourself in September 2018 for $60, and it'll play both SNES and Super Famicom carts.

GoNintendo Podcast Webisode 679

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This episode might be the first that feels like a legitimate podcast! Lots of big stories to discuss, a bunch of deeper discussions on games and other topics, plus our usual stupidity. I'm honestly proud of this one!

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GoNintendo Video - 20 minutes of The Messenger on Switch (with commentary!)

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Want to check out 20 minutes of The Messenger running on Switch? Want to hear me babble on while I play? Well I'm happy to offer up both of those things for you! Check out the second level in The Messenger in all its glory via the video above.