With Nintendo officially announcing that they’ll pull back the curtain on the Switch’s successor this fiscal year, we can officially consider the Switch as riding off into the sunset. That said, there’s still some life left in the system, and Nintendo will be providing some of that support.

During Nintendo’s investor Q&A following their fiscal results, one investor noted that the Switch software lineup for this year seems rather light. They asked if this was due to focusing on development for the Switch successor, to which Nintendo president Shuntaro Furkawa responded with the following:

(Please note that this is a fan translation of the Japanese transcripts of the Q&A, courtesy of Nicolas10111 on Reddit.)

“Since it takes years to develop a new successor, it is true development resources are being considered for it at the moment. However we’re still developing new software for the Switch so please look forward to the June Direct.”

So, while Nintendo is up front about working on games for the Switch’s successor, they’re not quite done with Switch yet. We’ll have to hold out until June to see what new Nintendo titles will be the platform’s last hurrah, and let’s hope they’re big ones!


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15d ago

Could Prime 4 actually hit this year for the holidays and then get a ‘definitive edition’ several months later? Could it actually be?

Year one Switch 2 could be propelled primarily by a new 3D Mario, Mario Kart X, a top-down Zelda (remake or brand new), and maybe even an Animal Crossing with things peppered in like Prime 4 upgrade, TotK/BotW combo upgrade, and maybe a Mario Party with teases of marquee titles coming in the next couple years.

Idk, can prime 4 carry a holiday? Dread sold okay but not super duper