Lawson convenience stores in Japan reveal Kirby treats, merch, and a Twitter contest

Kirby mania!

Nintendo and Lawson convenience stores in Japan are teaming up for another Kirby collaboration. This time around, fans of Kirby will be able to snag a “candy-flavored” drink and a frozen mochi. Along with that, Lawson will also be selling Kirby keychains, and hosting a Twitter giveaway.

As for the “candy-flavored” drink, it's peach milk flavored, and there are 6 different cup designs. With the Kirby frozen mochi, there are strawberry and milk flavors, each priced at 130 yen. On the merch side of the things, the keychains come in a pack of two, and there are two varieties. Finally, the Lawson’s official Twitter account is giving away a three-pack of squishy Kirby character cushions.

Kirby Fighters 2 - Copy Compendium #3 trailer

From the Vulcan Jab to the Ultra-Giant Swing, here are just a few of them moves you can unleash with Kirby's iconic copy abilities in Kirby Fighters 2! King Dedede also joins the fight!

Kirby Fighters 2 is available now!

Kirby getting an official retail space in Osaka, Japan

The one-stop shop for all things Kirby!

There is plenty of Kirby merch out there, and soon enough there will be an official retail space where fans can scoop up all the Kirby goodies they want.

Kiddyland Umeda in Osaka, Japan is going to open a permanent Kirby retail spot on Dec. 3rd, 2020. There will be waves and waves of Kirby merch, including some exclusive items. The exclusives are as follows.

- Kirby Pupupu Market plush (2,000 yen)
- Kirby Pupupu Market mascot plush (1,500 yen)
- Clear files (4 types, 350 yen each)
- Stickers (6 types, 300 yen each)
- Tin badges (6 types, 500 yen each)

All purchases at the story come in a special Kirby bag, and those who 1,000 yen or more on merch will get a bonus postcard. Those who spend over 4,000 yen will get a drink coaster with a vinyl disk design, and those ringing up over 5,000 yen in merch will get both the postcard and a coaster.

Sanei Boeki reveals new line of Kirby’s Dreamy Gear plush dolls

A dream come true

Sanei Boeki released their first wave of Kirby’s Dreamy Gear plush dolls back in 2019, which included Kirby, Waddle Dee, and Meta Knight in Steampunk attire. It seems that line went over well, as a second wave is on the way.

This time around, fans can look forward to Kirby’s Dreamy Gear versions of King Dedede, Magolor, and Daroach. They'll release in Japan in late February 2021. King Dedede will retail for 3,500 yen, while Magolor and Daroach will retail for 2,600 yen.

Kirby Muteki! Suteki! Closet collection getting new wave of plushies

Kirby your enthusiasm!

5 new plush toys are being added to the "Kirby Muteki! Suteki! Closet" collection in Japan. Each adorable Kirby will be individually priced at ¥1,500 ($14.99 USD), and feature Kirby in three of his iconic copy abilities, alongside him dressed as two of the game's most infamous bosses. The Cutter, Sleep, Cook, King Dedede, and Marx Kirby plushies are set to be released in April 2021. As with the rest of the collection, Western importing will likely be available through Play-Asia.

Premium Bandai reveals USB-powered Kirby heating plushie for Japan

This is the ultimate body pillow!

Kirby is right back at ya... for some hugs! Premium Bandai has announced a Kirby plushie that's perfect for relaxation or that dreaded feeling of loneliness. Through the power of USB technology, Kirby's tummy will warm up to 42° ~ 46° in just about 30 seconds for maximum comfort. The heating function will turn off automatically after 1 hour to insure safety. Priced at 5,480円 JPN (about $53 USD), pre-orders are currently available, and you can check out the Japanese listing here.

Kirby Fighters 2 "Artist, Bell, Parasol, Beam and Gooey" promo video

Stay in the fight!

From paintings to parasols, bells to beams, here are just some of the fighters you can unlock in Kirby Fighters 2!

Re-Ment announces new Kirby and Pokemon figurine lines

I need them both!

Re-Ment has worked with both the Pokemon and Kirby franchises in the past to release some pretty neat figurine sets. It appears those collabs have been a success, as Re-Ment has new lines for both franchises in the works.

Re-Ment has announced Kirby Bakery Café and Pokémon Town figurine sets, and they both launch on Feb. 8th, 2021 in Japan. The Kirby Bakery Cafe is an 8-piece set including Gooey, Scarfy, Kracko, and Pitch, each priced at ¥650. The 6-piece Pokémon Town feature Pokemon from Generation 1 up to 7, and they're ¥900 a piece.

Latest Famitsu includes a feature story on Atelier Ryza 2 + a full-page advert for Kirby Fighters 2

Ryza and Kirby... name a more iconic duo, I'll wait!

The latest issue of Famitsu includes a two page feature on Atelier Ryza 2: Lost Legends & The Secret Fairy, which is launching for Nintendo Switch on January 26th, 2021. The information in the feature has yet to be translated into English from Japanese, but you can check out all of the new screenshots and artwork in the scan above.

Another notable Nintendo-related inclusion in this week's Famitsu is an advert for Kirby Fighters 2. Check out the promotional page below.

Fifth entry in the Kirby Anytime picture book series announced

Let's get these localized!

The Kirby Anytime picture book series has been going strong in Japan for awhile now, and the series is set to continue. The fifth installment in this franchise is set to launch in Japan on Nov. 27th, 2020, and will once again focus on content meant for young readers. The overall theme is about giving thanks to others, and teaching about gratitude.


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