Pokemon Rumble Rush now available on iOS devices

What a rush

Two months after the Android release and with no prior warning, Pokemon Co. has released Pokemon Rumble Rush on iOS devices. The download is live right now, so you can hop in the iOS App Store and download the game for free this very moment. Those who have both devices can transfer progress from Android to iOS, but your Coins and Diamonds will not transfer.

Junichi Masuda says everyone thinks Nintendo creates the Pokemon games

Credit where credit's due

While Nintendo might have some say in what goes on with certain aspects of Pokemon games, they mainly act as the publisher. Development duties are handled by Game Freak, and have been since day one. Game Freak's Junichi Masuda wanted to make that clear in the latest episode of Game Freak's YouTube series.

Masuda talked to 200 different people to ask them who created the Pokemon games, and apparently nearly 100% of those people pegged Nintendo as the developer. Furthermore, those same people believed Masuda worked for Nintendo, and not Game Freak.

Moving forward, Masuda is hoping that more people come to learn that Game Freak is behind the Pokemon series.

Team GO Rocket and Shadow Pokemon officially added to Pokemon GO

Stepping out from the shadows

Thanks to datamining and other teases along the way, we already knew this content was coming. The exciting news is that it's now available. Team GO Rocket and Shadow Pokemon have been officially added to Pokemon GO, and you can get in on the action right now.

While playing, you might notice a dark grey PokeStop. This indicates that visiting the location will kick off a battle with a Team GO Rocket grunt. Beat them, and then you'll be able to capture the Shadow Pokémon they used, which will have the move Frustration. After the battle, you'll be able to purify the Pokémon by spending Stardust and Candy. Once purified, the Pokemon will lose Frustration and gain Return.

Niantic releases "Expectation vs. Reality: Enjoy the weather with Pokémon GO" promo video

We can’t promise sunny summer days, Trainer! But rain or shine, there’s always a Pokémon waiting to be discovered in the world of Pokémon GO.

Pokemon Duel being updated on July 26th, 2019 to Version 7.0.14

Another round of the usual

Another update is set for Pokemon Duel, and this one hits on July 26th, 2019. The Version 7.0.14 update includes bug fixes, new figures, and more. Check out the details on those figure updates below.

Mega Tyranitar

- Increases damage of Mountain Topple from 160 to 180
- Increases damage of Rockstorm from 150 to 170
- Increases damage of Crunch from 80 to 100

Zygarde 50% Forme

- Increases damage of Dragon Breath from 130 to 160
- Increases damage of Land's Wrath from 90 to 120
- Increases damage of Extreme Speed from 70 to 110


- Removed pound
- Added Giga Impact with damage 180
- Increases damage of Body Slam from 110 to 150


- Altered Soul-Heart to increase Attack damage with each knockout from 3 to 10


- Added Sand Veil ability
- Increases damage of Dragon Rush from 140 to 160
- Increases damage of Fire Fang from 90 to 110


- Increases damage of Dragon Claw from 100 to 120
- Increases damage of Slash from 70 to 90


- Removed Tackle
- Added Scary Face


- Removed Razor Leaf
- Added Grass Knot with power of 40


- Increases damage of Body Slam from 40 to 80
- Increased wheel size of Poison Powder
- Decreased wheel size of Miss

French Switch commercials for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, Pokemon Let's GO, Pokemon Sword & Shield, and Smash Bros. Ultimate

A new round of Switch commercials has hit France, which you can see above. The spots feature Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, Pokemon Let's GO, Pokemon Sword & Shield, and Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Pokemon Co. reveals new Ludicolo mascot costume

Looking good, Ludicolo!

Looks like Pokemon Co. has a new mascot costume! There have been plenty of Pikachu and Eevee mascot costumes over the years, but now Ludicolo has been added to the mix. Ludicolo was on-hand at the monpoke merch line debut, where he joined with Pikachu to celebrate the event. You can check out more pics and videos of the mascot's debut here.

More Mewtwo merchandise on the way

Want some Mewtwo phone cases?

Chinese technology company Shenzhen Haibao Technology Co., Ltd. have applied for a new Mewtwo trademark in Japan. It seems the company has plans for all sorts of Mewtwo merch, as the trademark applies to smartphone covers, headphones, smart glasses, plug sockets, electric doorbells, and more.

Reminder: Pokemon GO Mudkip Community Day goes live today

4-7 PM local time!

July's Pokémon GO Community Day will feature Mudkip, the final starter Pokémon from the Hoenn region to be featured. Community Days will take place during the evening beginning with July to help you keep cool as you search for Pokémon this summer. This month's event will happen today from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. local time.

Mudkip will appear much more frequently in the wild during this time, and if you're lucky, you might even find a Shiny Mudkip! If you evolve Marshtomp (the evolved form of Mudkip) into Swampert during the event or up to one hour afterward, the Swampert will know a move it can't normally learn! Plus, Lure Modules will last for three hours and you'll earn triple the normal XP for catching Pokémon during the Community Day event.

Enjoy Mudkip Community Day, Trainers!

Pokemon Masters' Brendan & Treecko profiled

The Alpha and Omega

The latest character profiled for Pokemon Masters is Brendan, alongside his Pokemon, Treecko. Check out the full description below.

Brendan’s goal is to be like his dad, Norman—a Gym Leader he admires. He is a bit mischievous, but he is serious about Pokémon battles. It’s always good to have someone who inspires you!


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