Yoshi Canvas Pouch returns to My Nintendo Japan

Yoshi's back!

The Yoshi Canvas Pouch was a very hot item on the My Nintendo Japan store. The pouch sold out pretty much as soon as it hit the service, leading to it being out-of-stock for 3 months. Thankfully the item has ifnally returned, and can be picked up for 300 Platinum Points and ¥550 domestic shipping.

Gwenpool Strikes Back #3 pays tribute to Yoshi's Island

Hey, I get that reference!

Gwenpool Strikes Back is an absolutely wild comic series that follows Gwenpool on an insane 4th wall-breaking adventure. She's been jumping in and out of comic universes, spouting dialog directed at the reader, and referencing real-world franchises that you don't find in Marvel's world.

There have been all sorts of gaming references in the three issues of Gwenpool Strikes Back so far, but the latest issue features a full-page tribute to Yoshi's Island. There's no mistaking that title and visual! That logo also happens to appear in multiple other pages, but the one above where it's first introduced in all its glory. Looks like the writers have great taste in games!

Universal's latest patent may pertain to the Yoshi ride at Super Nintendo World

I can't wait to punch Yoshi in the back of the head!

Super Nintendo World is set to open at Universal Studios Japan sometime in Spring 2020. We know there will be a Super Mario Kart ride, as well as a ride call Yoshi's Adventures. The above patent may give us a look at what the Yoshi ride will be like.

Universal just filed the a patent for a ride vehicle that certainly seems like it would fit with Yoshi. Check out the official patent description below.

Certain ride vehicles may provide park guests with an upright astride ride position, for example, when a ride vehicle is representative of a horse. Embodiments of the present disclosure are directed to ride restraint systems that restrain a park guest via a lower portion of the guest’s body while allowing for freedom of movement of the upper body and arms. The restraint systems may include conformable components shaped to enclose a thigh, knee, and/or shin portion on one or both legs of the park guest, and a behind-the-knee component that may be used in combination with the conformable component(s) to provide for a restraint that secures the lower body to the ride vehicle. The restraint systems may be suitable for use with a variety of park guests of different ages and sizes, including adults and children.

There's no doubt we'll be riding on Yoshi for the Yoshi's Adventures ride, and this patent most likely shows how it'll be done. Now we just sit back and wait for the ride to actually be built!

Sanei Boeki releasing Super Mario All Star Collection Poochy plush

It's poochy, the rockin' dog!

Japanese manufacturer Sanei Boeki has announced another plush that Nintendo fans will want to check out. The company is putting out a "Super Mario All Star Collection Poochy" plush doll in November 2019. The toy is roughly 17cm tall and 14cm wide, and is non-poseable.

Yoshi's Island's hidden multiplayer mode is still included in the Switch Online SNES Collection version

Grab a friend and spit some seeds!

First off, did you know that Yoshi's Island has a hidden multiplayer mode? You and another pal can go head to head in some mini-game action, so long as you know the special code. This was in the original release, and still remains a part of the Switch Online SNES Collection version.

To access it, all you have to do is hold down the minus button while on the level select screen, and then press X, X, Y, B, A to access the menu for multiplayer mayhem.

Yoshi's Island glitch from the SNES Classic Edition fixed in the Switch Online SNES Collection

Touch Fuzzy, Get Fixy

The SNES Classic included a bunch of great games, with Yoshi's Island being among the best. The port was nearly perfect, minus a graphical issue in the Touch Fuzzy, Get Dizzy level of the game. For whatever reason, every time you touched a Fuzzy, the background would go blank for just a second. That's not how it was on the original SNES version, and thankfully, that's now how it is on the Switch Online SNES Collection either. Check out the video above for a closer look!

San-ei Boeki releasing Yoshi's Crafted World Croquis Books

From game to real life

San-ei Boeki are releasing a series of officially-licensed Yoshi’s Crafted World Croquis Books in Japan, which are set to launch sometime in mid-September 2019. The first book will feature 3D illustrations from the game, while the second will feature 2D illustrations.

Minecraft: Wii U Edition almost had a Yoshi horse skin

Giddy up

The Super Mario Mash-Up Pack DLC for Minecraft: Wii U Edition had some great content, but there were some items that didn't make the final cut. For example, that amazing/horrifying Yoshi horse skin that you see above. It's easy to understand why they didn't include it, but that just makes me wish they did even more!

RUMOR - Details on Super Nintendo World's "Yoshi Omnimover" ride

All aboard Yoshi!

Nintendo and Universal have been extremely tight-lipped on information about Super Nintendo World. The two companies are working together to build the theme park attraction in secret, barely sharing any information since the collaboration's original unveiling. That leaves us looking to theme park insiders to give us any information on what could be going down with the park's attractions.

The gang over at Orlando Park Stop seem to have gotten their hands on a slew of information about the Yoshi Omnimover Ride, which will be just one aspect of the Super Nintendo World plans. Of course, we can't vouch for this information, nor will Nintendo comment on whether the details are legitimate or not. Rather than feed you all the information here, we figured we'd share a link and let you dive in at your own risk. Again, please note that this is all rumor for now, and should be taken lightly. Check out the rundown of details here.

Yoshi's Crafted World hits 100k sold in Germany

Quite a hit!

Yoshi's Crafted World is doing quite well for itself in Germany. The title has has won the Gold Sales Award, which a game gets for selling over 100,000 copies. It looks like the game has some legs too, so it might be getting another sales award a bit later in the year!


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