Class of Heroes 1 & 2: Complete Edition, a bundle featuring Class of Heroes: Anniversary Edition and Class of Heroes 2G: Remaster Edition, is launching on Switch worldwide today. The classic dungeon crawlers will be available both physically and digitally for $39.99 USD.

The Class of Heroes series returns for a new generation. Experience both the original Anniversary Edition and 2G, now remastered and ready for your enjoyment! Live the life of a student twice as you crawl through endless dungeons, build your perfect cohort of students, take on hordes of enemies, in the Complete Edition which includes both games!

Build your perfect roster and handpick out your ideal party of 6 students to storm the labyrinths. Mix and match from 10 races and 18 classes, each with their own unique skill sets. Crawl through over 100 labyrinth maps facing over 250 potential enemies. Don’t forget to collect artefacts, explore inter-dimensional travel, and conquer adversity.

You determine the standard you thrive at, take note of recipes for weapons, potions, and any upgrades necessary. Groups of excited students will walk through the doors of the Academies to learn the tools of the trade and leave as the next Class of Heroes!

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