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The Wait is over, as Side Order is now available for Splatoon 3! While this 7.0.0 update will also include the multiplayer content, it will not be available until March 1st with the launch of Fresh Season 2024. Good luck in the tower, and check out the full patch notes below for more information!

Changes to DLC

Added support for Side Order DLC.

Players who have purchased the Splatoon 3: Expansion Pass – Inkopolis & Side Order DLC can start the Side Order story by heading to Inkopolis Square from the train station in the square.

Season and Catalog Changes

On March 1, 2024, data relating to Fresh Season 2024 is added to the game. This includes:

    A new catalog, including new gear, titles, banners, decorations, stickers, and emotes.
    153 pieces of gear added to store product lineups.
    1 new battle stage: Marlin Airport.
    2 new main weapons.
    9 new sets of existing main weapons paired with different sub and special weapons.
    A new Salmon Run stage: Bonerattle Arena.
    20 new Tableturf Battle cards.

Check Out A New Japanese Commercial For Super Mario Bros. Wonder

Featuring the Pirahna Plant Parade!

22 February 2024
by the8bitlego 0

Nintendo of Japan has shared a cool new commercial for Super Mario Bros Wonder, and it features the Pirahna Plant Parade! However, it quickly switches to some of the even wackier moments in the game. Check out the trailer above to relive some memories or maybe be convinced to make some new ones…

Meowscarada and Zoroark Are The Stars Of Pokemon Unite's 22nd Battle Pass

Dancing Pokemon? Now ive seen everything...

22 February 2024
by the8bitlego 0

Pokemon Unite’s gearing up to get a fresh new Battle Pass, and Meowscarada and Zoroark are center stage! Everyone who purchases the pass will receive Dancer Style: Zoroark, while those looking for Dancer Style: Meowscarada will need to climb to the top! We don’t know everything else that will be in the pass, but it looks like trainers will be able to follow in their Pokemon’s footsteps and grab some dancing garb as well! Check out the video above for a preview as for what’s to come.

Nintendo Switch Online's newest Icons feature art from Mother and Splatoon 3

Ill take an order of Splatoon 3 Icons, on the side please

22 February 2024
by the8bitlego 0

Freshen up your profile with some slick new Splatoon 3 or Mother themed icons for your switch profile! The set of Splatoon Icons is based on the recently-released Side Order expansion for Splatoon 3, while the Mother Icons feature characters from the game! If some catch your eye, grab them before they slip out of rotation!


Lego Fortnite dropped a few months back and has quite a bit to do in it, and soon there will be even more!

The v28.30 update, did our tomorrow, is all about lines, lures, and fish! Craft new fishing rods to catch some new snacks out on the open ocean, as well as a few other changes, including sand, new skins, and bug fixes! Check out the full patch notes below!

Gone Fishin’

Ready to start catching Floppers? Just follow these tips and you’ll be reel good in no time:

Craft a Fishing Rod

You gotta have the right gear to get started, so let’s start with a Fishing Rod! There are four rarities you can craft. You’re more likely to pull in your catch with a higher-rarity Fishing Rod, but the lower-rarity ones are easier to make. Here’s how to craft each rarity!

Common Fishing Rod (craftable at a Level 1 Crafting Bench)

    Unlock the recipe for the Common Fishing Rod by adding a Cord to your inventory.

Uncommon Fishing Rod (craftable at a Level 2 Crafting Bench)

    Unlock the recipe for the Uncommon Fishing Rod by adding a Knotroot Rod to your inventory.

Rare Fishing Rod (craftable at a Level 3 Crafting Bench)

    Unlock the recipe for the Rare Fishing Rod by adding a Flexwood Rod to your inventory.

Epic Fishing Rod (craftable at a Level 4 Crafting Bench)

    Unlock the recipe for the Epic Fishing Rod by adding a Frostpine Rod to your inventory.

Creatures to Catch

With your handy Fishing Rod, you can begin fishin’! Can you catch all of the fish introduced in v28.30?

Orange Flopper
Blue Flopper
Green Flopper
Vendetta Flopper
Black and Blue Shield Fish
Purple Thermal Fish
Raven Thermal Fish
Silver Thermal Fish
Blue Slurp Fish
Purple Slurp Fish
Yellow Slurp Fish
Blue Small Fry
Cuddle Jelly Fish
Slurp Jelly Fish
Molten Spicy Fish

Different fish can be found based on the biome and water you’re fishing in, and also the weather and time of day! Tackle the fishing pastime by catching the Legendary version of each fish.

Be sure to hold onto those Legendary fish! There will be a way to display them in a future update.

Make a Delicious Dish: Introducing the Food Processor!

Want some brick fish for breakfast? With the new Food Processor Station, you can turn the fish you catch into Fish Filets! (Unlock the Food Processor recipe by crafting or using a Lumber Mill.)

Fish Filets aren’t the only seafood you can eat. With a Grill, you can also make dishes like Smoked Fry Fish and Black and Blue Shieldfish Sushi!

Creating a Fishing Spot with a Bait Bucket

All you need to fish is a Fishing Rod and water. But fish are a slippery bunch, so don’t just cast your line and expect fish to flock. Throw bait into water to create a Fishing Spot!

Get bait from a Bait Bucket, which has four rarities you can craft. The rarer the bucket, the more likely you are to attract a fish:

Common Bait Bucket (craftable at a Food Processor)

    Unlock the recipe for the Common Bait Bucket by adding a Fish Filet to your inventory and having a Food Processor in the world.

Uncommon Bait Bucket (craftable at a Juicer)

    Unlock the recipe for the Uncommon Bait Bucket by adding a Common Bait Bucket to your inventory and having a Juicer in the world.

Rare Bait Bucket (craftable at a Juicer)

    Unlock the recipe for the Rare Bait Bucket by adding a Common Bait Bucket to your inventory and having a Juicer in the world.

Epic Bait Bucket (craftable at a Juicer)

    Unlock the recipe for the Epic Bait Bucket by adding a Common Bait Bucket to your inventory and having a Juicer in the world.

Become as much of a fishing legend as the expert Turk! (This angler may appear as a potential Villager to join your adventure.)

More Updates!

Enter Sand and Glass

v28.30 adds two new resources to LEGO® Fortnite! With a Shovel, dig Sand out of the ground in sandy areas.

Some people don’t like Sand, because it of course gets everywhere. It’s even in glass… Craft Glass with Sand and a Crafting Bench!

Zoom In with the Spyglass

Make it easier to see what’s far away! The Spyglass is a telescopic tool that magnifies distant views. Unlock the recipe for a Spyglass by adding Glass to your inventory and having a Crafting Bench in your world. Then, you guessed it, craft one at a Crafting Bench!

Let the Compass Guide You!

It’s easy to forget which way you’re going in unless you open your map. But if you craft a Compass, you won’t need your map for that! The Compass adds basic navigation to the HUD, telling you which direction you’re facing. Unlock the recipe for a Compass by adding Glass to your inventory and having a Crafting Bench in your world. Then — you know where this is going — craft one at a Crafting Bench.

Want to add navigation AND map markers to your HUD? Then craft the Advanced Compass, whose recipe is unlocked the same way as the regular Compass.

New Villager Options

Turk isn’t the only one who can appear as a potential new Villager. Fellow fishers Outcast and Bob can too!

New Charms, How Charming!

There are new charms to discover and craft along your adventure!

The Reflection Charm deals some of the damage you take back at your attacker when you get hurt. While the Wavebreak Charm increases your swimming speed, making you faster the more Wavebreak Charms you have equipped. Different fish are required to craft both charms, so pick up that Fishing Rod and reel ‘em in!

More Outfits Get a LEGO Style!

With v28.30, more Outfits in Fortnite have received a LEGO Style! If you already own these Outfits, their LEGO Styles are currently in your Locker:


Flakes Power

Iron Man Zero



Maxxed Out Max


Choose Between Different LEGO Styles

For Outfits that have received more than one LEGO Style, you now have the option to choose between the Styles!

Major Improvements, Adjustments, and Bug Fixes


Increased the number of Villagers you can have to 20, meaning you can now have 4 Villages with 5 Villagers in each.

Players can now sit in chairs!

Recipes now consistently unlock in Sandbox mode.

Fixed an issue where players’ stamina wouldn’t recharge.

Players no longer spawn inside the foundation of buildings, inside the snow, or on top of things that they weren’t on top of when they had logged out.

Friendly Villagers accompanying you on your adventure can now jump out of the water instead of getting stuck.

Villagers accompanying you into caves now aren’t worried that it’s raining outside.

Daggers now consistently deal damage while underneath enemies.

Re-centered the dynamic platform’s pivot point to be in the middle of the platform, so it now rotates and snaps correctly.

Stability and Performance

Fixed an issue that would sometimes stop players from rejoining their world.


Fixed an issue where players sometimes could not place Building Parts on dynamic foundations until they were moved.

Fixed an issue where objects would sometimes disappear from caves.

Resources will now consistently drop from objects destroyed by physics.


Several menus now accurately show your LEGO Style Outfit’s portrait.

Fixed an issue where players could open the crafting menu while upgrading the crafting bench.

To see these patch notes with a few extra images, check out the official drop here.


Following the announcement that Mother 3 would be available on Switch Online for Japanese Fans, many fans began asking the age-old question once more, “Why can’t we get that?”.

This talk got popular on The Site Formerly Known As Twitter, X, where it caught the attention of Shigesato Itoi, creator of the Mother series. However, as one might suspect, it isn’t really up to him wether or not the game gets localized.

please tell that to Nintendo, not me

[Shigesato Itoi]

To me, it seems this can be taken one of two ways: One is that he is tired of getting the same request for something he has no power over, which honestly is fair. However, the more compelling option is that he believes that Nintendo could budge on their stance on the localization of Mother 3 with enough fan support.

Either way, Shigesato Itoi clearly is not the one to go to to ask for help in localization, and efforts should be directed to the people in power at Nintendo, if you are willing to risk it, that is.


Shiren the Wanderer has been around for quite some time now, but it’s always had a tighter grip overseas. Well, the developers behind the newest entry, Shiren the Wanderer: The Mystery Dungeon of Serpentcoil Island intend to change that by making the game a little more palatable to Western audiences. According to Keisuke Sakurai, director of this new release, that started with toning down the game’s wordplay.

AL: There haven’t been too many Shiren titles released in the West when it comes to Shiren the Wanderer: The Mystery Dungeon of Serpentcoil Island. Was a Western release something you wanted from the beginning of development, and did that affect your approach to any gameplay mechanics?

Keisuke Sakurai: From the very beginning of development, we had the Western release in mind. For this reason, we eliminated confusing wordplay elements that had been common in previous titles, as we decided that they were not adaptable to other languages. Since awareness and popularity of the Shiren series are still growing in the West, we were conscious of keeping the game simple and easy to understand.


It’s quite interesting to see that they started off wanting this game to be a success in the West, and it all starts with a good localization! For more behind-the-scenes information, be sure to check out the full interview here!


The latest update for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is now available, and adds support for the upcoming Sora Amiibo! While certainly not a massive change, its exciting to know Sora is coming soon! Check out the patchnote below for more information!

Latest update: Ver. 13.0.2 (Released February 14, 2024)

  • Updates for compatibility with the Sora amiibo, which is scheduled to be released soon.

Ahead of a new wave of Splatoon 3 Updates, Nintendo Switch Online users can spice up their profile with some Splatoon 3 flair! Now until March 27th, trading in a few platinum coins will grant a Splatoon 3 profile picture! Check out the tweet above for some of the currently available icons, and check back throughout the month for new options!


Ever wanted a little Baba buddy? Well, Fangamer has you covered for only 26 USD, as you too can have your very own Baba! Check out a description of the plush below, and get yourself one here.

Baba Is Plush

Plush is Soft

Height Is 6.7 Inches

Eyes5 Is Designer

Fabric Is Extra Fluffy This collector’s plush is recommended for ages 12+

Thanks to Vachi for the heads up!

After a wildly successful Kickstarter debut, Rollin’ Rascal will officially be released on Nintendo Switch! Clearly there’s a lot of hype around the project, and now players on the Switch will be able to experience it! Check out the quick description below and if it interests you, take a further look at the Kickstarter page!

Rollin’ Rascal is a love letter to high-speed 3D platformers like Sonic the Hedgehog with the dynamic interactivity of Super Mario Bros. Strap in for a thrilling ride filled with speed, excitement, and a cast of endearing characters—an experience that’ll delight classic speedster fans, while also introducing newcomers to the genre!


Check out the kickstarter for more information!

Thanks to PC2 for the heads up!

Looks like we have a new Splatfest right around the corner! Set to run February 16 - February 19th, next-next weekend’s splatfest will feature the days in question, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday! The question? Which one is your favorite weekend day!

Will shiver take it all with Friday, or can Frye or Bigman take the W with fan-favorites Saturday and Sunday? Make sure to make your voice heard starting February 16th!


This happens to be one of those occasions where Japan gets a different Splatfest from the rest of the world. While the rest of the world battles it out over the weekend, Japan will be taking up the challenge of figuring out what their favorite filling is; “Red Bean Paste” vs “Custard” vs “Whipped Cream”.

Check out JUJUTSU KAISEN CURSED CLASH's Launch Trailer

Theres a panda in this which is pretty sick

01 February 2024
by the8bitlego 0

Ahead of the full release on February 1st, we got a new launch trailer for Jujitsu Kaisen Cursed Clash, a 2v2 fighting game featuring characters from the anime of the same name. This trailer features a few of the characters you can expect to play, including my favorite, the panda. Check out a description of the game below!

2 vs. 2 Cursed Technique Battles

Aim to become the strongest together by taking advantage of the characteristics of each technique, aiming for a Joint Attack that is triggered by combining attacks, and working together in harmony to assess the battle situation! Characters with their own unique Cursed Technique

Familiar members such as Yuji Itadori, Megumi Fushiguro, Nobara Kugisaki, and Satoru Gojo, as well as Cursed Spirits such as Jogo and Hanami, will also participate in the game. Each character has his or her own unique Cursed Technique and actions. Master a New Domain in the Battle!

As you grow in battle, more powerful techniques and latent abilities blossom. Embrace the core of the Cursed Energy and win in the intensifying battle situation! Unleash the super dreadnought Cursed Technique and seize the victory!

At the end of the game, when both players are fully developed, powerful techniques clash with each other. The player must overwhelm his or her opponent dynamically, just as in the anime!

Alongside the new demo that just dropped, Nintendo has shared a new overview trailer as well as a new Japanese trailer! The overview trailer showcases new and returning features from the original game, while the japanese trailer is a bit more streamlined, focusing on gameplay.

Check out both above for more information on Mario vs Donkey Kong, set to release February 16th!

Mario Vs Donkey Kong Demo Now Available

Mario's mini and he doesn't even need a mushroom

01 February 2024
by the8bitlego 1

Ahead of its full release on February 16th, we’ve been treated to a surprise demo of Mario vs Donkey Kong! If you were on the fence (or just can’t wait), a selection of 4 levels, 2 difficulties, as well as the new 2-player mode are available!

What are you waiting for? Check out the demo here to hop in!