Using the Power Glove to control the iPhone 14

Is there anything the Power Glove can't do?!

27 September 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 1

There’s something endlessly entertaining about marrying old and new tech. Plenty of people are obsessed with the latest tech, while others love to live in the past and enjoy how things used to be. What if you happen to adore both sides of the coin? You get something like the video above!

The video above comes to us from the ‘Will it Work?’ YouTube channel, which we’ve featured on GoNintendo numerous times. The videos we’ve shared have tested out classic Nintendo hardware and accessories with more modern tech, and we’ve even spotlighted the NES Power Glove before. The Glove is back once again, and the goal is to pair it with an iPhone 14.

Do the two devices manage to get connected and play well with each other? I won’t spoil the results, but they’re certainly interesting!

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Play games correctly ;)