Those looking forward to picking up the physical release of Hidden Through Time: Definite Edition in the states will now have to shift plans a bit. Publisher ININ Games has announced that the retail release stateside has been cancelled.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any details as to why Hidden Through Time: Definite Edition’s physical release has been canned in the U.S.. ININ Games simply confirmed that it was in a reply via Twitter without elaborating. If you pre-ordered the physical release here in the states, keep an eye out for a cancellation email.

Remember, just because the ESRB physical release has been called off doesn’t mean you can’t get a physical copy of the game. You can always import the European version, which will play on any Switch without issue, and also includes an English translation.

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1+ y ago

That sucks. I was looking forward to it. I'm one of those weird people that only buy games with the esrb rating so I guess I'll just get digital.