Nintendo has announced that the next update for Splatoon 3 is coming on Sept. 30th, 2022 in Japan, which means we’ll get it on Sept. 29th, 2022 here in the states. This update will bring the game up to Version 1.1.2, and the patch includes some fixes that should make fans quite happy.

First up, this patch will fix the recent Super Sea Snails issue. For those who don’t know, a bug has caused some Splatoon 3 players who voted in the Splatfest and viewed the final results not to receive any Super Sea Snails. This update will remedy the situation.

Second, and probably more importantly, Nintendo says that this update will aim to cut down on the communication errors that players have received while playing Splatoon 3. If you’ve found yourself getting disconnected from online play from time to time, this patch is aiming to remedy that. Let’s keep fingers and toes that actually happens.

Finally, Nintendo has put out a warning to players who are using cheats and exploits. While Nintendo is going to try their best to squash these troublemakers with patches and fixes, Nintendo also said that anyone caught using these dastardly practices could find themselves getting banned. In other words, is it really worth it?!

As for the Version 1.1.2 update, we have the full patch notes for that. You can read the nitty gritty details below.

Changes to communications

Additional measures have been taken in order to tackle the issue with communication errors occurring frequently at the end of battles or Salmon Run shifts, depending on the network environment.

Changes to Player Controls

Fixes an issue occurring when using Dualies: if you hold down the ZL button and perform a dodge roll while holding down the ZR button, you stop shooting and switch to your squid / octopus form the moment the dodge roll is over.

Fixes an issue occurring when using the Drop Roller ability: if you press the ZR button while holding down the ZL button while performing a roll, you switch to your squid / octopus form the moment the roll is over even though you’re holding down the ZR button.

Fixes an issue occurring when using the Splatana: if you perform a horizontal slash immediately after a charge slash, you perform two horizontal slashes instead of one even though you only pressed the ZR button once.

Changes to Battles

Fixes an issue causing players to become immune to damage for a certain amount of time after the protective shield granted by Booyah Bombs is destroyed.

Counter-measures have been implemented in order to address an issue impacting the Tacticooler: if a Tacticooler is placed in the corner of certain maps and players switch from their squid / octopus form to their human form right next to it, they can reach out of bound areas.

Other Changes

Fixes an issue causing the game to crash when exiting locker customisation with a photo frame in your locker.

Fixes an issue impacting the Catalog: if a communication error occurs, or the game is shut down, when your Catalog level reaches 100 and the next Catalog becomes available at Hotlantis, the event where you can claim the Catalog will not be triggered again.

If you have already encountered that issue, simply head to Hotlantis after downloading the update to claim your new Catalog.

If you participated in the first Splatfest and saw the final results announcement but did not receive your Super Sea Snails, the final results announcement will play again and you will be able to claim your rewards.

Notes: this update is a hotfix aimed at providing additional fixes for communication-related issues and correcting some issues related to player controls and battles.

Regarding communication errors, we have found that players can be disconnected from the server during battles and Salmon Run shifts due to a combination of settings from their network device and internet service provider. We have taken measures in order to prevent such disconnections, and to make it possible for the connection to be restored in case errors are encountered.

Other temporary fixes have been applied to deal with some issues impacting how gameplay feels and the responsiveness of controls.

Regarding the issue of players reaching out of bound areas using the Tacticooler, we felt it was more important for us to provide an incomplete fix quickly rather than leave it as it is while we’re working on a complete fix. If players are found to inconvenience other players by abusing this glitch, they will be suspended in accordance with the terms of the Nintendo Account Agreement.

The next update will focus primarily on balance adjustments and other issues that were outside the scope of the current update. We continue to observe and analyze battle data and are planning to make adjustments at the midpoint of the current season.

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1+ y ago

Hopefully Nintendo do take swift action against cheaters.


1+ y ago

I don't get communication errors from time to time, I get them CONSTANTLY. Seriously, I've had over 5 in a row one evening which caused me to just not play. Only happened twice in a row the other night but that made me quit as well. I hope this fixes things.