Nintendo suggests Switch games with bananas

Nintendo is going bananas

28 September 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 1

Nintendo often makes Switch game suggestions, and sometimes they have a topical theme. For example, just a few days back, Nintendo suggested pirate-themed games for Switch on ‘Talk like a pirate’ day. Then you have situations like today, where Nintendo’s suggestions seem to come from absolutely nowhere.

Nintendo’s latest recommendations for Switch games centers around whether the game features bananas in some way, shape or form. No, I’m not kidding about that. For whatever rhyme or reason, Nintendo has decided that various banana-related games on the Switch eShop deserve some time in the spotlight.

As usual, Nintendo has suggested some of their own games in this feature, but they also bring up multiple third party efforts as well. You can see the full list of suggestions here.

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1+ y ago

Pirates….bears…..bananas….. this has to connect to the Switch Pro for sure!!