Fanmade "Saucy" Chef Kawasaki Card Game Shutdown

Quite the character for this kind of art!

28 September 2022
by the8bitlego 0
Mildly (Quite Cartoonish) NSFW
Mildly (Quite Cartoonish) NSFW

With many characters in gaming, it goes without saying that there will be some “suspect” art of them out there. Chef Kawasaki is one of the characters that I wouldn’t have thought would have such a wealth of “content” to go through however.

To my surprise, there actually has been enough made by KWSKkaruta to make an entire card game based around it. This game was put up for sale on September 25th, and was garnering some attention on Twitter due to its strange nature.

To no one’s surprise, HAL took an issue with the use of their characters and asked KWSKkaruta to take down the project just 3 days after its announcement. You may think that this wouldn’t have effected many people, however the cardgame actually sold out soon after going live.

While the original listing to order the card game is no longer available, most of the art is still up on the KWSKkaruta Twitter. Be warned, much of it is slightly NSFW, so I wouldn’t recommend opening it in public areas.

Many of the art on their Twitter seems to be just the art that was going to be used on the cards, so we still have a good idea as to what the final product may have looked like. Also, the cards could hypothetically still be made if someone still wanted to make them for themselves.

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