When ARK: Survival Evolved first landed on Switch, many thought it was an impossible port. Sadly, as far as ‘impossible ports’ go, this one wasn’t all that impressive. ARK: Survival Evolved on Switch was in pretty rough shape, but amazingly, the game is getting a second chance at proving itself.

As we’ve shared before, ARK: Survival Evolved is being completely reworked from the ground up for Switch, and with a different dev team. We’re talking about a completely new version/build of the game that’s going to replaced the original release. You can see just how impressive this fresh version of the game is in the video above, which shares some more details on what players can expect.

  • docked dynamic resolution of 1080p
  • docked dynamic resolution of 720p
  • 15 second loading time
  • draw distance has been extended
  • utilizes improvements to Unreal Engine 4 since the original release

Just to be clear, anyone who owns the current version of ARK: Survival Evolved will get this rework as a free update. Once the update launches, anyone who purchases ARK: Survival Evolved new on the Switch eShop will automatically get the revamp. The update is planned to launch on October 25th, 2022.

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