Dragon Quest creator Yuji Horii has been helming the franchise for decades now, and it seems like he’s doing a fantastic job. Dragon Quest has millions of fans in Japan, and the series’ popularity continue to tick up around the world. Most importantly, the Dragon Quest franchise has been the inspiration for countless developers over the last 35+ years.

At tonight’s Game Developers Choice Awards, Yuji Horii was given the Lifetime Achievement Award, which recognizes the career and achievements of a developer who has made an “indelible impact on the craft of game development and games as a whole.”

In his acceptance speech, Horii spoke of how his interests as a child led him to eventually start a career in the game industry, which is a position he never left. He also opened up about what games mean to him, and how Dragon Quest is the realization of his life’s inspirations. You can read the full transcript of Horii’s acceptance speech here.

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