Treasures Of The Roman Empire, a story/adventure puzzle game from indie developer Strange Beat and publisher 7 Raven Studios, is available now for Nintendo Switch. It’s priced at $6.99 USD on the eShop with a 397 MB file size. Check out the latest trailer for Treasures Of The Roman Empire above and more details below.

Treasures Of The Roman Empire is set in the city of Rome, when the Roman Empire was at its peak. You will impersonate a gentleman thief, whose purpose is to grab the treasures of the Romans such as diamonds, necklaces and sesterces, hidden in the environment or in plain sight.

To reach your goal you will often have to help the citizens in their daily actions, activate mechanisms, participate in wild chariot races and logic games.

You’ll have the opportunity to visit some iconic locations in Rome, as well as participate in the chariot race in the Circus Maximus, or enjoy a pleasant evening at the cinema watching Ryse: Son of Rome

Treasures Of The Roman Empire have a soundtrack (music and vocals) by Matthew Malley, one of the founders of the American group of Counting Crows. The first two sounds are epic, in tune with the game, while if you want an accompaniment with an indie soul, then Treasures Of The Roman Empire can also be played with the Matthew Malley music. The soundtrack can be unlocked in the EXTRA section, simply by selecting it from the three available tracks.

Game features:

  • You’ll visit some of the most beautiful historic momuments of Rome
  • logic and arcade minigames including nonograms, spot the difference, slot machine, tic tac toe, hidden objects, horse race and more!
  • more than 30 levels filled with humour
  • guest stars
  • 14 languages supported: Italian, Japanese, Dutch, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Turkish, Ukrainian, German, English, Spanish, Finnish, French

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