Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous - Cloud Version was announced for Switch back in mid-July, and the game has just arrived on the Switch eShop today. The game is priced at $50 and takes up a very tiny 58 MB due to it being a Cloud title. Please make sure you have a strong internet connection before purchasing, as Cloud games require an always-on, dependable internet connection.

Embark on a journey to a realm overrun by demons in a new epic RPG from the creators of the critically acclaimed Pathfinder: Kingmaker. Explore the nature of good and evil, learn the true cost of power, and rise as a Mythic Hero capable of deeds beyond mortal expectations.

Your path will lead you to the Worldwound, where the opening of a rift to the Abyss has unleashed all-consuming terror across the land. For over a century, the neighboring nations have fought fearlessly, trying to drive the enemy back — but to little avail.

Now, you have the chance to put an end to this conflict, but the path to salvation is far from clear-cut. Will you become a shining angel, backed by noble paladins? Or a powerful necromancer with hordes of immortal undead in your thrall? Or something else entirely? Lead your army and challenge mighty demon lords. Your crusade will set in motion a chain of events that will leave you — and the world itself — forever changed.

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