Overwatch 2 Kiriko Match Gameplay

Could she be the hero for you?

29 September 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Overwatch 2 officially launches on October 4th, 2022, which means we’re just a few days away from checking out the sequel. There’s plenty of new content to be enjoyed at launch, and that includes Kiriko, the latest Hero joining the game.

Kiriko is a ninja healer who is aided by her kitsune spirit. She can throw protection suzu to her allies, or kunai against her enemies. As far as her personality, Kiriko is cheeky and full of life. She has tongue-in-cheek style humor, and is not afraid of teasing others, regardless of how intimidating they might seem.

If you want to see what Kiriko has to offer in terms of gameplay, some footage of the character in action has surfaced. You can check out full match gameplay with Kiriko both above and below.

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