We originally thought we’d be playing River City Girls 2 by now, but WayForward announced a delay a few weeks back. Unfortunately, no specific release date has been shared, so we’re keeping fingers and toes crossed a 2022 launch is still in the works.

While we wait for release date info, a new video interview with WayForward has popped up, and it focuses on what we can expect from River City Girls 2. In particular, we get to hear more about Provie and Marian, two new additions to the playable roster. Provie comes from River City Ransom Underground, while Marian first appeared all the way back in the original Double Dragon.

Provie and Marian will offer all-new movesets, but that doesn’t mean the returning roster isn’t getting some fresh fisticuffs as well. The familiar faces from River City Girls are bringing new techniques, new combos, and more with them to the follow-up. You can hear a lot more about all of that and plenty of other info in the video above.

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