A one-time coincidence is just that, a coincidence. A two-time coincidence starts to look more like something purposeful, rather than a serendipitous happening. That’s exactly what seems to be going on in Splatoon 3.

Splatoon 3 Salmon Run fans started to think that someone on Nintendo’s dev team was big into Back to the Future with the first wave of Salmon Run rewards. As you can see above, the Bream-Brim Cap that you can get sure looks a lot like Marty McFly’s hat from Back to the Future: Part II.


That brings us to the October rewards for Salmon Run, and will you look at that? There’s yet another item that seems to be ripped directly from Back to the Future: Part II. Again, you can take the hat’s release as a one-off, but when you couple it with the above visor, you certainly see a pattern. Seems like Nintendo has a few classic 80s cinema fans in their halls!

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That's so awesome. Gotta find a tweet to retweet.