No Man’s Sky, the next in the list of impossible Switch ports, is coming out on October 7th, 2022. That means we’re just a few days away from going hands-on with the game ourselves! That’s certainly exciting, but thankfully we don’t have to wait until then to get a closer look at the title.

It appears some European retailers have accidentally started selling No Man’s Sky before the Oct. 7th, 2022 release, which has resulted in a number of gameplay videos. If you wanted the best look yet at how the game runs on Switch, the videos embedded below will do the trick.

Along with all that, we’ve also learned that No Man’s Sky will have a day-one patch. This patch takes up 1.6 GB and will bring the game to Version 1.2.0. What we don’t have for this update are patch notes, so we’ll have to hang tight to see what’s included in this mandatory update.

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1+ y ago

Well, the framerate/performance looks nice and stable. Also the menus are crisp looking. But the main gameplay screen definitely has that classic “3rd party Switch port that has been seriously down-rezzed” look to it, unfortunately.

Also, while I’m glad this game exists, it looks tremendously boring to me.