Sonic Mania helped start talks for Sonic's jump to movies

Springing Sonic to silver screen success

02 October 2022
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While Sonic has been around for decades, he only made the leap to the silver screen a few years back. Why on earth did it take so long for Sonic to hit cinemas, especially after he had appeared in so many TV shows? A new interview with SEGA Sammy senior executive officer Toru Nakahara shares some interesting insight.

Japanese outlet Pia spoke to Nakahara to see how the Sonic movies came about, and the jumping-off point is not one many expected. It turns out Sonic Mania was the impetus for Sonic’s movie debut, as the game helped SEGA recognize an issue with Sonic’s popularity when it came to age ranges.

“We had talks about making a Sonic movie because of Sonic Mania in 2017. Despite Sonic not being initially overly popular in America, he seemed to have rapidly gained popularity. At the time, Sonic was in an odd situation where parents were well aware of who he is, whereas children may or may not know him. So it was easy to imagine that if a Sonic movie came out, this would be a great opportunity for Sonic not only to be known to many generations, but also to areas where Sonic may have never been well known especially considering that movie promotion budget far exceeds that of a video game. I thought it was worth joining in to invest in creating a ‘Hollywood blockbuster.’”

“I can remember initially hearing comments such as ‘So many game based movies have flopped,’ and ‘Isn’t he caught in some sort of scam?’. However, with SEGA Sammy Holdings starting, the spirit of taking on new challenges aligned very well with the movie production. It reminded me of the SEGA spirit of ‘trying new things.’”

[SEGA Sammy senior executive officer Toru Nakahara]

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