Developer Impact Gameworks has announced that they’re bringing their old-school RPG, Flowstone Saga, to the Switch sometime in 2023. You can take a look at the latest trailer for the game above.

Fight monsters in a truly unique puzzle-based battle system! Using the power of falling blocks, weave together powerful combo attacks, use elemental powers, throw items, sabotage enemy attacks, and grow in power to thwart everything from lowly Beewis and Cookie Ferrets to Craggans and Battle-Axolotls.

Flowstone Saga has real-time or optional turn-based combat where you (and eventually, your party!) face off against up to 3 monsters at once. While monsters and your allies act automatically, the main character - Mirai - controls the flow of battle on the puzzle board.

By clearing lines, you’ll deal damage to a monster with a regular attack. Clear multiple lines at once for much more powerful blows. But this is just the beginning!

You’ll need to carefully match the Link Crystals that appear to build up Heat and increase damage, clear helpful Orbs to heal yourself or trigger special attacks, use the Flask to throw powerful item effects on to the board, and defend yourself from deadly monsters. For every ability you have, monsters bring their own to the table: they’ll ruin your board (and your HP) with attacks like fire breath, paralysis, sandstorms, lasers that destroy tiles, and much more.

You’ll also unlock Powers that allow you to infuse the board with elemental magic like Fire, Ice, and Lightning, hurl pieces directly at enemies, create giant pieces, repair your board, and enhance combos. Combined with a passive Perk tree and even a Job System, tons of unique strategies are possible. This is unlike any RPG or puzzle game you’ve played!

With this system, you’ll have to use your wits & tactics to create the best strategy for each encounter… and the battle scenario can change at any moment!

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