tERRORbane, a comedic adventure game, is coming to Switch on April 1st, 2022. No, that’s not a joke. The game really is launching then, and in advance of that release, developer BitNine Studio and publisher WhisperGames have shared some screenshots of levels players can experience in tERRORbane. You can check out a bit about each level below.

Comb Through the Bustling Town of Whiskerburg

Explore the quaint town of Whiskerburg, a town that’s crucial to the beginning of Terrorbane’s journey…where every citizen may or may not have a mustache (imagine all the shaving cream they go through to keep their mustaches looking nice).

This level features callbacks to classic NES and SNES Final Fantasy and Zelda games, which were the main inspirations for developer BitNine Studio. With three magical crystals to discover, the mighty Terrorbane must explore Whiskerburg to deliver them to King Mustachio’s castle. Who knows what bugs and glitches will pop up along the way (The Developer claims it’s bug free but we’ll see).

Break the Simulation in Deadburg

Depending on how players progress in Whiskerburg, the Terrorbane will descend to Deadburg, a space where unused programs end up. Inspired by the glitchy levels in Pokémon Red and Blue, plenty of bugs plague Deadburg and the citizens roaming the town.

To escape Deadburg, players will have to revisit the king’s castle and find the missing scrolls. That’ll be easier said than done, as players will have to work their way through a maze to discover each scroll.

Bring it Back to Windows 1995 in Error 101

Inspired by the Windows 1995 and 98 software, BitNine Studio created Error 101, a level that tasks players with becoming a developer and creating their own game. Utilize the different programs in the menu to unlock all three assets needed to create a game. Be careful not to use the sister’s card to buy the assets. She’s trying to make it to the next paycheck.

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