We talked about Goodboy Galaxy, an upcoming GBA/Switch title, quite some time ago. Unfortunately, we’re not going to be enjoying the game this year. The dev team has released a statement saying they needed more time to release a game that matched their vision, so they’ve delayed the game to March 2023.

Goodboy Galaxy was announced in celebration of the GBA’s 20th anniversary last year, and managed to turn many heads during its successful Kickstarter Campaign, thanks to its celebrated Demo Chapter, and for being one of the first commercial games for the popular handheld in years. It is a Metroidvania with a cute cast of characters, bright animations and slick puzzles.

At the current development state of around 60% completion, most of the mechanics and graphics of the game have been implemented. The largest part of the remaining work will be related to level design of the various planets in the Goodboy Galaxy universe.

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