We shared full details on Roller Champions “Dragon’s Way” season yesterday, and now that season is officially live. Roller Champions’ new season will pump you up with new rewards and arenas that are inspired by martial arts and age-old traditions from Asia. And not only that, Dragon’s Way adds features that have been highly requested by the Roller Champions community which will in turn benefit every new champion joining the game.

Of course, with the launch of a new season comes a fresh Roller Pass as well. The Dragon’s Way exclusive Roller Pass comes with a legendary ninja outfit kicking it off, the unique Sun Wukong superstar closing it off, and a whole lot of epic goodness in between. You can see a promo video for that pass above.

Dragon’s Way comes with all the action and excitement you’ve come to love and crave from Roller Champions. The new season brings new content: music, locations, outfits, ambitions, and more! We’re also rolling out some changes to different systems around fans and leaderboards, to help you show off your skill and prowess on and off the arena.

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