Do you have an affinity for ghastly Ghost-type Pokémon and dreadful Dark-type Pokémon? Think you’ve got what it takes to rival Agatha, Fantina, or Acerola as the queen of Ghost-type Pokémon or challenge Karen, Grimsley, or Marnie as the Dark-type prodigy? Celebrate the gorgeously ghoulish season by trick-or-treating yourself to a quiz that will test your knowledge of spooky Pokémon, places, and Trainers.

This Quiz has 13 different questions, and Pokémon Co. has even put together a breakdown of what your score means. Obviously, everyone is aiming for a perfect 13 out of 13, but here’s where your Pokémon knowledge falls should you score a bit lower.

0–4 points: Your “ghoul” of understanding spooky Pokémon is admirable, but you’ve got a long way to go.

5–8 points: Your interest in spooky Pokémon is fa-boo-lous. Keep studying.

9–11 points: You’re doing fang-tastic. Hang out with a few more Ghost-type Pokémon to level up.

12–13 points: Oh my gourd-ness! You’re frighteningly knowledgeable about spooky Pokémon.

Ready to put your knowledge to the test? You can take the spooky Pokémon Quiz here!

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